joi, 11 decembrie 2008

The Revelation of Character

And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were
ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. Matt. 25:10.

Let none follow the example of the foolish virgins and think that it
will be safe to wait until the crisis comes before gaining a preparation of
character to stand in that time. It will be too late to seek for the
righteousness of Christ when the guests are called in and examined. Now is
the time to put on the righteousness of Christ --the wedding garment that
will fit you to enter into the marriage supper of the Lamb. In the parable,
the foolish virgins are represented as begging for oil and failing to
receive it at their request. This is symbolic of those who have not prepared
themselves by developing a character to stand in a time of crisis. It is as
if they should go to their neighbors and say, Give me your character or I
shall be lost. Those that were wise could not impart their oil to the
flickering lamps of the foolish virgins. Character is not transferable. It
is not to be bought or sold; it is to be acquired. The Lord has given to
every individual an opportunity to obtain a righteous character . . ., but
He has not provided a way by which one human agent may impart to another the
character which he has developed. . . .

The day is coming, and it is close upon us, when every phase of
character will be revealed by special temptation. Those who remain true to
principle, who exercise faith to the end, will be those who have proved true
under test and trial during the previous hours of their probation, and have
formed characters after the likeness of Christ. It will be those who have
cultivated close acquaintance with Christ who, through His wisdom and grace,
are partakers of the divine nature. But no human being can give to another,
heart devotion and noble qualities of mind, and supply his deficiencies with
moral power.

Let no one put off the day of preparation, lest the call be made, "Go
forth to meet the bridegroom," and you be found as were the foolish virgins,
with no oil in your vessels with your lamps.

>From That I May Know Him - Page 350

Un comentariu:

  1. It is said that in heaven we will take our characters as they are, when Jesus comes again. I like this sentence: "It is as if they should go to their neighbors and say, Give me your character or I shall be lost." It's our responsibility to develop our characters. I want to put up a question. What if a person has just started changing his life and Jesus comes? He hasn't achieved the character God wants from us. How do you think - is he going to be in heaven?


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