joi, 27 noiembrie 2008


Dr. Landale of New York told the story of a Christian businessman. He was in an accident and was rushed to the hospital. After an examination they realized that he only had a few hours to live. He was still conscious and he called his family to his bed.
He spoke first to his wife: “My dear, you are the best wife in the entire world. You’ve stood beside me through all these years. You were my inspiration many times. I saw the spirit of God shining in your face. I love you more than the day you became my bride, but I must say good night. I will see you again in the morning.”
Then the eldest daughter Mary felt her fathers hand on hers: “Mary, you were our first born. What a joy it was for me. I’m so glad you’re a Christian. Never forget how much I love you, but, good–night, Mary, good–night.”
Peter, the eldest son, was next. “I’m proud of you my son. You are so masculine. Persist in the good way of grace and virtuousness. Good night, my son, good night.”
Carl was next but he had fallen under bad influence. His father and mother were very disappointed. For the moment he was passed by while the dying father spoke to Hettie. “My little daughter, your arrival in our home was like the breaking of a new day. You’ve filled our hearts with music. The day you gave your heart to the Lord our hearts were filled with joy. Good–night, my child, I’ll see you in the morning.”
Then he called Carl to his bed and with tears in his eyes he said: “Carl, you were a promising young man. We believed that you would be a noble man. We have given you the same opportunities as the others, perhaps more. But son, you’ve disappointed us. You’ve followed the downward way. You’ve rejected the warnings of the Lord. Oh, my son, how much do I love you still, but farewell, Carl, farewell.” Carl grabbed his fathers hand and cried out: “Father, why have you said good night to the others but farewell to me?”
“Son for the single reason that we all know and love the Lord who will come again and will reunite us as a family, but you―you‘ve chosen your own way. Farewell Carl, farewell.”
At the death bed of his father, Carl fell on his knees and pleaded with the Lord to forgive his sins. He wanted that hope of meeting his father again. “If you’ve meant it, Son, then God has heard you and He will accept you. Thank God I can say good–night, my son, good night.”
Carl became a minister of the Gospel.
If the shadow of death falls across your way and you must say good–bye to your loved ones, will it be farewell or just goodnight?
The Master is here and He calls you.
The invitation comes to you today come - and see.

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  1. I like this story very much, because it reveals how we should see and accept death in our lives. It's always difficult to face death but if we have hope and trust in God, He will give us calmness, peace and hope that we'll see our love ones again very soon! :)


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